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Queen Elizabeth Castles

The Queen Elizabeth Castles were issued in 5 versions:
• 1955 Waterlow SG536-539 Watermark St Edwards Crown
• 1958 1st De La Rue SG5346a-539a Watermark St Edwards Crown
• 1959 2nd De La Rue SG595-598 Watermark Multiple Crowns
• 1963 Bradbury Wilkinson Watermarked Multiple Crowns SG595a-598a + 2/6d Chalky Paper
• 1967 Bradbury Wilkinson No Watermark SG759-762
The 1967 Bradbury Wilkinson series is the only one without a watermark. The 1955 and 1958 issues were different because in 1958 the Post Office changed from Waterlow to De La Rue.
De La Rue used the same die to print the stamp as Waterlow did hence there is no visible difference in the design of the stamp. It’s the perforation method used by Waterlow and De La Rue that allow you to distinguish (see image). Not at all easy initially.


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